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PHILIA advertising visual design was established in 2003, all the way up to today, has accumulated a lot of industry experience.

Our main service is in “Website Design” and provides consulting and services such as graphic design, photography / video marketing, marketing promotion

“Striving for extraordinary creativity and more attentive service” is the ideal and direction that we have adhered to for many years.  

PHILIA advertising visual design focused on creative design, and technical implementation, to explore and implement the site in-depth application of various industries, with unique vision, high level of implementation Presented to the customer’s website wonderful, unique, for the product and corporate brand communication contribute.

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PHILIA advertising visual design all work around the “creative, service,” the vitality of the complex start, we value every client cooperation with the project

Is all this disbursement just a waste, or are we more susceptible to the influences of advertising than we think it is? What is the secret power of advertising? How does she try to influence our behavior? This book analyzes advertising beyond the power of persuasion of your images. In it, you’ll find explanations, descriptions, analyzes, and criticisms of the psychological techniques that are commonly employed in advertising. Some of them are easy to identify, but others are more obscure and insidious.

Always pay more to participate. In the more far-reaching cognition beyond “one business,” we constantly revise our service orientation and improve our creative style to explore the best products With the idea of ​​sublimation.   PHILIA advertising visual design team engaged in the industry is full of passion, we love this industry

And firmly believe that in the course of their efforts to continuously improve their own and customer value, Convinced that our efforts can make the site more powerful and make life more beautiful.

When you find us in the boundless sea, we feel very gratified, Believe that design is a fate.

In the days to come?

We will, as always, full of enthusiasm, good reputation and excellent team, Outlines for your gorgeous future web services.

Visual messages are ubiquitous in our daily lives, bombarding us all the time, trying to persuade us and influence our behavior. The advertising industry is a giant that today moves the astounding annual value of an estimated trillion dollars.

All the techniques are based on a magnificent catalog of examples of what is best in current advertising and scientific information on the psychological principles of its operation. This is not only a book aimed at practitioners and students in the fields of communication and design, but also a valuable reflection on modern society for anyone who wants to understand how advertising influences our behavior unconsciously.

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